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One feature that will likely go un-noticed on this blog is the Delicious Page.  To find the link just scroll down on your right,  you’ll see it underneath PAGES -> Delicious.

If you’re not already on Delicious, you should be.  It’s essentially collective bookmarks that are viewable on the web from any computer.  You can save your own bookmarks if you sign-up for a free delicious account, you can view our bookmarks or you can search all delicious accounts to see what bookmarks are most popular.  For that reason we will occasionally search delicious before the ubiquitous  Google search.  After signing up, you can add us to your network to get the latest updates on our bookmarks. Sweet!

We have been on Delicious a while now so a quick search through our bookmarks can be a handy reasource.  Skeptical? Just take a look at all the post tagged under equipment.  If it’s not handy, we don’t bookmark it.