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The show goes on!

The gods must have heard my call because not more than a week after my Stop Assisting talk, APA sent word about doing a retouching seminar for them.  After speaking to the amazing young talent over at Stop Assisting I was hoping for just such a thing so I could build on the dialogs that were started there.  It doesn’t happen often but it looks like, this time, my wish has come true!

I’m sure you’ve already seen the announcements on the CYAN JACK Facebook page, Twitter and in CYAN JACK News.  If not, the show starts this Monday night June 14th at Calumet.  The Doors will open at 6:30pm and you’ll get a solid 2 hours of pure seminar bliss until we wrap up at 9.  I have a super fun show planned out so I hope see all of you CJ fans there.

And one more thing…   I have 4 free passes to give away on monday, fans only. Post the event to your Facebook wall, Blog, heck if you have some real panache want to send it out to your friends by couriered mail I’ll take that too.  The first four people to contact me with proof that you posted the event info will win a free pass!